Dallas E. Boggs, PhD


One memorable occasion occurred in 1998 while we lived in E. Nashville was a major tornado that hit within a mile of our apartment. It was a rainy morning, and I was on my way to my downtown office. I stopped at the bank to get some money, and left my headlights on. My battery was already causing problems; and, this time, the battery was dead, and I couldn’t start my ‘78 Thunderbird. I decided to walk back home and use Barbara’s car to go get a new battery. When I got home, there was a weather alert. A tornado had touched down in West Nashville – on Charlotte Ave.-- about two blocks from my office (on Hayes St.).

The storm progressed through downtown Nashville and up Main St. and, when I heard them mention Gallatin Road, I looked West over the tree tops and I could see debris flying everywhere – like a flock of crows.

I yelled at Barbara “Get out of here!” Then I ran downstairs to the ground level. Just then the lights went out. I yelled, “Get outta there, you idiot.” The man in the upstairs appt. came out, and then Barbara slowly followed. The people downstairs let us into their apartment. We intended to take shelter in their basement; but the tornado missed us. Gallatin Rd. curves north just beyond the Main St. connection. The storm stayed on a straight line and missed us by about ½ of a mile.

I went to AutoZone and got a new battery. While I was there, another tornado struck down just north of downtown. I observed the black clouds and heard lots of sirens.

Barbara and I drove down Gallatin Rd, taking several detours, to the bank (Nation’s Bank then). My car had been struck by flying bricks from the bank where a protruding sign had been torn off the outside wall taking several bricks with it. A rear driver side window had been broken and the back rear driver side was bashed in; but the car was still derivable. I installed the new battery and brought the car home. I later covered over the rear side window and drove the car for another two Years. I painted over the patches so that the damages weren’t very prominent.

In October, 2004, we bought our house on Greenland Ave. (in Inglewood). We had rented that one bedroom utility apartment (1004 West Douglas Ave, in East Nashville) from 1986 till 2004.

I started with Towne Park in April, 2003 and worked there until October 2012.

Free Thinking

When my mind is free,

It just amazes me

To roam alone Into the unknown

How could there be—

So much to see

In the wonders of the mind

Of all mankind.

Is man alone in the universe –

Or even worse?

Could he be under some kind of a curse?

That we may be blind

To the potential of mankind,

When aided by a higher power

That never goes sour.

by Dallas E. Boggs 

Sept 11, 2011: It is difficult to realize that it has been ten years since the bombing of the World Trade Center, an event thoroughly embedded in the minds of everyone who witnessed that day. There have several other historical events of my lifetime worthy of mentioning. Visit my blog page about some of them, especially my version of 20th century history.             

My Epithet:

After I croak,

Don't moan for this bloke.

I had a good life,

Enjoyed it with a beautiful wife,

And five sweet girls,

More precious than pearls.

They didn't make much noise,

Or fuss about boys.

They Attended their classes,

Like good little lasses.

Though none was very tall,

Life with them was a ball.

In no time at all,

I became a Grandpa.

I often sit and reflect,

About what to expect, 

From a world that at every turn,

Gives us something new to learn.

But this I know --

Every day I grow, in spirit --

Whether or not in merit. 

                ~Dallas E. Boggs


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