Dallas E. Boggs, PhD

 Estep Family Gathering at Church Dedication, 1911

    "In 1911, the Baptist built a church on Ralph Tallman=s farm. He provided about an acre of land on top of a point by the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. They built a nice country church that is still being used (1976). Everybody gathered in and helped with the project, and we all chipped in to pay for the building material. The project was finished it in about four months.

    They announced a time to dedicate the building, and a large crowd of people came from far and near to attend the service. There were many people in attendance that hadn=t met for several years. Granddad and Grandmother Boggs and Granddad and Grandmother Estep were among those who hadn't seen one another for several years. (They lived about fifteen miles apart.) I believe Rev. Herbert Smith preached the dedication and sermon. Everybody made great preparations for such gatherings in those days, and we all had a joyful time meeting old friends. I had gotten away from either of my grandparents and my Aunt Florence, who was only about four years older than me, whom I used to play with and loved to be with." .... From the memories ofIra I. Boggs(1895-1983)



    "In the summer of 1911 the pleasant Hill Baptist Church was built at Wallback where it still stands. We were so proud of that church, and the dedication was a big affair. People came for miles, the day before the dedication, some walking, and some riding horseback, some in hacks. And where did they stop? A photograph of a large number of friends and relatives who attended the event gives some indication of the number of folk who spent the night at our house. Some in the picture are neighbors who dropped by. I recall that the men slept in the hay at the barn, but I can’t remember where the women and girls slept, but I suppose on pallets on the floor. I’m sure we didn’t have enough beds. Dad had bought a sheep from Uncle “C” Boggs, and the whole sheep was cooked outside on an open fire. That is one thing we had to feed our company and to take to the church the next day for 'dinner on the ground'. ".... by Ona Meadows